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Joaquim Domingues

Instituto de Filosofia Luso-Brasileira/Lisbon

Joaquim Carneiro de Barros Domingues, born in Porto on the 9th of April 1946, is graduated in philosophy from the University of Porto and holds a master degree from the University of Minho. He is a retired high school teacher in Philosophy and a member of the Institute for Luso-Brazilian Philosophy. Moved by the study of the artistic, philosophical and religious manifestations of Portuguese culture, he collaborated in the edition of texts by Sampaio Bruno, Álvaro Ribeiro, Eudoro de Sousa, José Regio, Delfim Santos e Domingues Monteiro. He is also a member of the editorial board of the Journal Teoremas de Filosofia and has published several books, among which Filosofia Portuguesa para a Educação Nacional. Introdução à obra de Álvaro Ribeiro (1997), O essencial sobre Sampaio (Bruno) (2002) and De Ourique ao Quinto Império. Para uma filosofia da cultura portuguesa (2002).

Articles of Joaquim Domingues

O mundo novo da língua no itinerário de Vilém Flusser

When Vilém Flusser reached Brazil as a Jewish fugitive in the early 1940s, he didn´t know any Portuguese, and he faced a long and difficult path of nearly twenty years until he published his first article in the language of the new tropical world. From this painful experience with a new form of thinking, and by practicing a constant dialog between his Jewish-Czech-German culture rooted in Prague and the Portuguese language, he discovered that whatever he thought in Portuguese was informed by a specific Portugality or Brazilianness, that every language has its reality and that this new language and culture didn’t fit in with the categories of his youth. In this process, Flusser turned to one of the most important philosophers, including some of the most important intellectuals like Guimarães Rosa, who recognized the special character of the Portuguese language and who contributed fundamentally to the development of an authentic Luso-Brazilian philosophy.

Mundo novo (PDF 213.53 KB)

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