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Flávio Américo Tonnetti

A multimedia artist and author, Flávio Américo Tonnetti  is professor of Educational Foundations at Federal University of Viçosa (Brazil). He holds a PhD in Education and Technology and a masters degree in Philosophy of Science and Neuroscience. In a a post war context he was a professor in the Community Development course at the National University of Timor-Leste, in Southeast Asia, where he worked with the themes of Development, Language and Identity. He also has undertaken art research in Germany, Belgium and Spain. With expertise in the development of teaching materials, he has created educational scripts for audiovisual series and digital audiovisual material.  His research draws on the fields of language, aesthetics, technology and politics areas, and focusses on relations between education, folk communication and cyberculture. With a strong interest in arts, he has served as a consultant for the municipal fund of culture and cultural producers in Brazil and abroad.  His own art practice includes significant production in photography, visual arts, artist book and literature.  He has written dozens of critical reviews about Brazilian contemporary artists for the Art and Culture Encyclopedia of Itaú, Cultural Institute for Literature, and in the fields of theater, visual arts, music and art/technology. He is a member of the Sergipe Academy of Cordel (a popular poetry genre).

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