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Desaparelho: do protótipo ao conceito / Disapparatus: From Prototype to Concept

This phenomenological essay, based on Flusser’s philosophy, is about a photographic prototype created by the author called Disapparatus which problematizes the very gesture of photography. Technically, the Disapparatus is an optical gadget that, when coupled with a photographic apparatus, produces an overlay of three distinct images. Although initially the interaction with the Disapparatus is similar to that with a normal camera, a more serious engagement reveals a program that does not operate according to traditional photography, such as the hunting for viewpoints. The new game questions the traditional meaning of representation, object, space, and the self. And in this respect, it resembles, to a certain degree, to the classical phenomenological game itself.

Desaparelho (PDF 1.82 MB)
Disapparatus (PDF 1.81 MB)