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O retrato de Rosa em Bodenlos

Romance comes from a human illusion: ”l'illusion de pouvoir comprendre autrui.” With this phrase, Czech writer Milan Kundera, in his book entitled Le Livre du rire et de l'oublie, satirizes the proliferation of the memorialist or intimate writing of the 20th century. Without writing romance and without intending to comprehend his own life on the basis of what sequential and causal logic may propose, the writer Vilém Flusser, also Czech, writes Bodenlos. In Bodenlos, the profile created of the Brazilian writer João Guimarães Rosa (in form of a portrait) helps in creating the writer’s own. This article proposes to relate Rosa and Flusser using Bodenlos as a basis for what?

O retrato de Rosa (PDF 135.28 KB)