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Provocar uma falha no aparelho: arte e contraideologia / Inducing a failure in the apparatus: art and counter-ideology

This paper discusses media art in which the interrupted functioning of devices and systems serve as metaphors. It focuses on short-circuits between the apparatus as a machine, as a system and the apparatus as an ideology. In this analysis, we approach the concepts of apparatus and ideology, failure, and counter-ideology in three on-line artworks exhibited on Verter Platform during the years 2020 and 2021: Ok/Cancel, by Elias Maroso; Inundação, by Fran Favero; Padrões Anômalos, by Cesar Baio. With Vilém Flusser's concept of apparatus in mind, we propose that there is a counter-ideological and counter-hegemonic dimension in valuing the inoperative and interrupted in a society that increasingly imposes a logic of efficiency, productivity and consumption. In an ideal functioning, the apparatus (the media, the system) must be as transparent as possible, transmitting in such a way as to allow the subject to concentrate on the information (as when we look at a photo and believe in it as if we were seeing the thing/event itself). If something interrupts this flow, such as noise, technical failure or accident), the subject's attention turns to the medium, the system itself.

Falha (PDF 340.58 KB)
Failure (PDF 319.95 KB)