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Yara Guasque

Center of Arts, CEART, Santa Catarina State University, Brazil

Yara Rondon Guasque Araujo is a multimedia artist and professor for media arts at the Center of Arts (CEART) at Santa Catarina State University in Brazil. She is coordinator of the research group ‘Telepresence in immersive, participative and interactive environments’ (CNPq) as well as of the ‘Telematic Interactions Research Group’ at Ceart, working on digital and VHS material of tele-performances from Perforum Desterro and Perforum São Paulo as an interactive media (www.udesc.br/perforum) 2004/2006.

Articles of Yara Guasque

A cidade como um medium em McLuhan e Flusser / The City as a Medium in McLuhan and Flusser

The interlacements between McLuhan and Flusser present the city in its fluidity as a complex topology enabled by communicative structures. For the network city and the device city and their transformations the location of the being is insignificant. An updated reading of Flusser’s text Die Stadt als Wellental in der Bilderflut encourages us to take into account the vocation for connectivity of this new form of urbanity.

A cidade como um medium (PDF 128.66 KB)
The City as a Medium (PDF 122.35 KB)

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