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Tiernan Hart

Tiernan Hart is a writer and artist based in Orlando, Florida, where he was born in 1997. He earned a dual B.S. in philosophy and political science at Florida State University in 2020, and a MPA at University of Central Florida in 2023. Though currently outside academia, he is still academically involved by both publishing, and attending various conferences. As of 2024, after reaching two years of experience in social services for disabled adults, he has begun researching potential career avenues to return to academia. His interests are in media and social media studies, Flusser studies, Deleuze (and Guattari) studies, Continental philosophy, critical theory, GIS, and social theory.

Articles of Tiernan Hart

The Online/Offline Distinction Will Dissolve

This paper argues that the internet typifies an ongoing restructuring of the social understanding of space and time, with regard to telecommunication, which grounds the offline/online distinction. Bernard Stiegler’s foundational concept of technics (re)frames the humanity-technology relationship as that which constitutes time via externalization of memory. This reframing initiates an investigation into how new age internet technologies recalibrate these spatiotemporal relations. Concepts such as ‘hybrid space’ go to show how space as a physical phenomenon begins to accord to digital programming, as seen with the case of locationally aware cell phones that organize and inform one’s approach to space. In Flusser’s notion of ‘technical image’ the linear historical time is supplanted by circular time. The last part of the paper is dedicated to Romeo Alquati’s notion of ‘valorizing information’ as a measurable economic exchange between human and machine that is objectified in the commodity.

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