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Sebastian Schulze

Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

Sebastian Schulze, MA, studied literature and philosophy at the Freie Universität Berlin. Currently, he is a fellow at the Friedrich-Schlegel-Graduiertenschule (DFG), where he is finishing his dissertation on the “Transformation of the Echo in Baroque, Romantic and Contemporary Literature.” His main interests are theory of literature and the history of poetics and functions of art in modern society. He has published various articles on the theory of literature, the philosophy of time, Friedrich Nietzsche and Robert Walser.

Articles of Sebastian Schulze

Das Strahlen in der Black Box. – Sprechen und Hören in der Medienphilosophie Vilém Flussers

This essay explores the rather rare studies on the subjects of speaking and hearing in the works of Vilém Flusser. It begins by identifying the historical and systematical modes of speaking and hearing in Flusser’s media philosophy. The phenomenology of the body (Leib) plays a central role in the discussion of these particular modes of communication. Significant for Flusser’s interpretation of these modes is the relation they have to a notion of political space. In this regard the essay asks: what is the impact of “the end of politics” on speaking and hearing?

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