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Olaf Dammann

Olaf Dammann was born in Lower Saxony, Germany. He studied linguistics, informatics, and medicine at the University of Hamburg, Germany (Dr. med., 1991) and Epidemiology at Harvard University, Boston, USA (S.M., 1997). He is currently a Ph.D. candidate in philosophy of science at University of Johannesburg, South Africa, with a thesis on etiological explanations in epidemiology. He has contributed more than 200 papers to the medical, epidemiological, and philosophical literature. Dammann is professor and vice-chair of public health at Tufts University in Boston, professor of perinatal neuroepidemiology at Hannover Medical School, Germany, and adjunct professor in the department of neuromedicine and movement science at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim. He lives in Newton, Massachusetts, with his wife, two daughters, one big dog, one small dog, and one black cat.

Articles of Olaf Dammann

Science as Cultural Activity

Flusser’s Philosophy of Science

Many of Flusser’s books and essays refer to “science”, “epistemology”, and “knowledge”. His ways of conceptualizing these terms, however, remain to be explored in detail. To my knowledge, there is no secondary literature that analyzes “Flusser’s philosophy of science”. In this paper, I begin outlining such a project. I offer two translations of unpublished manuscripts, “La creation scientifique et artistique” (“Scientific and artistic creativity”) and “Wissenschaft, Weisheit (und Judentum)” (“Science, Wisdom (and Jewishness)). Based on an initial and very superficial analysis, I suggest locating Flusser’s concept of science at the center of a triangle of reciprocal relationships between philosophy, art, and religion.

Philosophy of Science (PDF 363.59 KB)

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