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Milena Szafir

Milena Szafir (Ph.D.) is professor of Arts & Audiovisual at UFCE (Brazil) where she supervises projects on aesthetics of montage. Her research areas are media literacy and AV Rhetoric. In 2011, she received the most important Brazilian Art & Technology Prize. Her artworks include: “YouToRemix” (online interactive video, 2010), “Manifest Yourself” (live streaming mobile WebTV, 2006-2009), “Performances Panopticadas” (surveillance wireless VJing, 2004-2006); and most recently “MindRemix”, “Stream’engrams of a revolution”, “UnDe(r)sign Mirrorring”, “Alice 5x7” (+fulldome work in progress).

Articles of Milena Szafir

Let’s Besprechen: [On] Database Aesthetics Trial

The present remix-essay (database aesthetics from extermination formula to digital montage manifesto) is a collage-composition combining online-pictures of Flusser, Kafka, Warburg, Benjamin and Buber wearing the clothes of concentration-camp inmates. Flusser’s essay on the writer and Nobel Prize laureate Agnon calls attention to the fact that a Jew without his Jewish pride still remains “a Jew”. Judaism is an ideal model for those who do not blindly believe in models.

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