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Matthias Schönweger

Matthias Schönweger was born in Tscherms in 1949. He works in Merano as a freelance writer, visual artist and performer. Among his numerous publications are the novel von & zu Peter & Paul (2003), Soll und Haben (1992), Flügelverleih (2000), Türe zu (2003), Wie Gott sie schuf (2006), Von der Kunst zu leben / Von der Kunst zu lieben (2012) and Meine Rede (2014). Schönweger is one of the most original figures in the literary scene of Südtirol. His creative language awareness and his use of graphic-visual means and surprising procedures, which combine to create a highly innovative work by far exceeds the boundaries of traditional literature.

Articles of Matthias Schönweger


This short contribution describes the first meeting and subsequent collaboration between Vilém Flusser and Matthias Schönweger.

Flusser (PDF 75.79 KB)

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