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Lucas Matos

Universidade do Rio de Janeiro, UERJ, Brazil

Lucas de Mello Cabral e Matos was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on May 22nd, 1985. He received his Masters degree in Brazilian Literature in 2010 with a thesis on the work of Arnaldo Antunes and the work of Vilém Flusser at The Languages Institute of Rio de Janeiro State University (UERJ). Currently a PhD Student at the same university (in Comparative Literature), he is also an artist who works with poetry and theater; he edited the poetry magazine Bliss (2009) and performed in almost 10 different plays.

Articles of Lucas Matos

Palavras e Signos: as estéticas da significação em Deleuze e Flusser

The aim of this work is to investigate the process through which we can produce meaning. In order to achieve such a goal, it is our intent to compare - in such a way that can be described as the friction between two pieces of wood - the ideas of Flusser and Deleuze on the subject. Therefore, the results achieved by the texts Língua e Realidade and Proust et les signes will be characterized in their differences and similarities in order to describe the process of making sense as a poetic and an aesthetic gesture. Both of the authors found their reflection about word/sign in a space division between worlds of signs and cultural types of language. This contribution wants to journey through such worlds and countries not only to make a map of Flusser and Deleuze’s ideas, but also to find space divisions of our own. In this sense, the cities of Jerusalem and Athena were discovered as two different ways to think about language – and the possibility (or not) of a communication between these two tracks are the main opposition of the ideas studied here.

Palavras (PDF 289.94 KB)

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