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Lambert Wiesing

Universität Jena, Germany

Lambert Wiesing studied philosophy, history of art and archeology in Münster (Germany). Ph.D. received in 1989 and “Habilitation” in philosophy in 1996. From 1993 to 1999 he was vice-president of the German Society for Aesthetics. Since 2001 professor for theory of the image and phenomenology at the university of Jena (Germany). From 2005 to 2008 president of the German Society for Aesthetics. Recent publications: Phänomene im Bild, Munich 22007; Artifizielle Präsenz. Studien zur Philosophie des Bildes, Frankfurt a. M. 32008; Das Mich der Wahrnehmung. Eine Autopsie, Frankfurt am Main 2009.

Articles of Lambert Wiesing

Fotografieren als phänomenologische Tätigkeit. Zur Husserl-Rezeption bei Flusser

Vilém Flusser not only defines his theoretical work as phenomenology, he considers the act of photography itself a phenomenological act. For this reason this contribution seeks to answer the question how much Flusser’s conception of phenomenology owes to Edmund Husserl and in what ways he has transformed Husserl’s own philosophical tenets. The main idea of this essay is that Flusser has reduced Husserl’s phenomenology to the concept of phenomenography. Nowhere in Flusser, in fact, can we trace any mention of Husserl’s idea of phenomenology as an aprioristic science of essentials. On the basis of this reduced understanding of phenomenology as a cultural science, however, Flusser discovers a remarkable structural affinity between philosophy and photography.

Fotografieren (PDF 188.67 KB)

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