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Klaus Sander

Klaus Sander (b. 1968) is a director, producer, author, and publisher presently living in Wyk auf Föhr, Germany. He studied literature and media studies in Cologne and Bochum. In 1992-1993 he took part in the setting up of the first Vilém Flusser Archive in The Hague. Since 1996, he has devoted himself to his publishing firm supposé with the intent of developing an independent form of art and publication for the spoken word and oral narrative. He received the German Audiobook Award, the Sponsorship Award of the Kurt Wolff Foundation, and twice received the award for the Audiobook of the Year (2008 and 2014). The magazine Cicero chose his one-man-company as one of the twenty most important publishers in Germany.

Articles of Klaus Sander

Flusser-Quellen: Eine kommentierte Bibliografie Vilém Flussers

The Flusser-Quellen (Flusser sources) was originally conceived as the first volume of Andreas Müller-Pohle’s Flusser Editions, which should have been published by European Photography in 1996/1997. Klaus Sanders continued working on the text until 2002. The final revised edition, with a new foreword by Daniel Irrgang, has now finally been made accessible on-line by the Vilém Flusser Archive in Berlin (http://s3.amazonaws.com/arena-attachments/1485097/d85714e287d539db39da46f0e5198b20.pdf?1512484296).

Flusser-Quellen (PDF 650.28 KB)

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