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Jean-Baptiste Perrot

Jean-Baptiste Perrot physically converts digital imagery into matter. Dysfunctions of new technologies are the basis of his work, leading him to integrate computer errors, bugs and other “glitches” into his creations that disrupt digital iconography. He appropriates them as revelators of unexpected spaces of freedom in a digital world where everything is coded, standardized, designed for a predefined objective, where “zero defects” are supposed to be the order of the day. It is in this very breach that the question of free will emerges: Are we free or subject to overdetermination? In this sense, his protean artistic project develops between program and chance.

Articles of Jean-Baptiste Perrot


Accidents (PDF 53.57 KB)

Devenir un bouffon du capteur numérique. Avec Vilém Flusser

Bouffon (PDF 101.48 KB)

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