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Hannes Hoelzl

Hannes Hoelzl studied audio engineering in Graz (AT) and music technology in Utrecht (NL). He works in various disciplines and constellations, orbiting around a central focus on sound. In his live music performance, he mostly uses self-written programs designed to enable him to use the computer as an instrument as direct and versatile as the improvising musicians' instruments. His sound installations are usually site-specific. Beyond his artistic pursuits, Hoelzl works as designer, software developer and instructor. He has performed internationally in Europe, China, Japan and the US, and his installative works have been exhibited, amongst others, in the Venice Biennale for Architecture, the Beijing Millenium Dome, the Cologne Museum for Applied Arts. He has held lectures and workshops at universities and conservatories in Wesleyan/Connecticut, Prague, Oslo and Berlin, was lecturer at Duesseldorf Music Academy and the University of the Arts Bremen, and is currently assistant professor at the Berlin University of the Arts. As university projects, he has conceived installations that involve large numbers of student participants like 'Varia Zoosystematica Profundorum' and 'The Ways Things May Go', and which have been on display at various media art festivals across Europe.

Articles of Hannes Hoelzl

5. Zoosystematica profundorum – Experimental Studies in Deep Sea Communication

The installation Varia Zoosystematica Profundorum models a specific notion of how deep sea communication between specimens and across species might happen, inspired by the work of zoosystematicien Louis Bec and philosopher Vilém Flusser. The video of the installation featured here, is a documentary of the version of the installation shown at the Singuhr Hörgalerie, Großer Wasserspeicher in Berlin, during the SuperCollider conference in Berlin in 2010.

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