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Hana Yoo

Hana Yoo works with experimental video and film that investigates the nature of artificiality and its political entanglement, along with the altered mental states derived from technical apparatus. She engages with the allegory of nature and interrelation of bodies, which she then weaves through storytelling. She studied Media art in Berlin University of Arts and worked as a research tutor in the Vilém Flusser Archive.

Articles of Hana Yoo

Muju: Flusser’s approach to Eastern thoughts

Staying is accompanied by non-staying. Not staying anywhere - Muju(무주, 無住) in Zen-Buddhism directs to leave all forms of obsession, and at the same time to change without sticking to oneself. With the narration explores the connotation of ‘habitat’ reflecting studies of mind as well as socio-cultural context, the video induces meditative appreciation with the ambiguity of natural-artificial image and time.

Muju (PDF 190.79 KB)

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