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Fiona Hanley

With a background originally in English Literature from UCD Dublin, Hanley’s interests have always been poetic in nature. In 2009, she received an MSc in Cultural Studies at the University of Edinburgh and she has this year earned a PhD in Cultural Studies with a thesis entitled “Towards a Language of Inquiry: The Gesture of Etho-Poetic Thinking”. Hanley currently teaches research-led seminars at the University of Edinburgh and her interests continue to lie in tracing out possibilities of the implicit.

Articles of Fiona Hanley

Encountering Bibliophagus: An Aesthetics of Reading

This essay explores Flusser's implicitly articulated aesthetic approach to reading which can be found throughout his writing. The essay examines how this approach is an attempt to return us to the questionability of our existence, where reading is understood as an art of living, rather than an accumulation of knowledge.

X: The Gesture of Essaying

Drawing upon Flusser’s sketch of “being-in-the-skin”, this essay explores the significance of the dialogical form of chiasmus for Flusser’s conception of gesture, arguing for an understanding of his “gesture of writing”, as a gesture of essaying, wherein a “poetic subject” is manifested – one who is born to understanding, gestated, in the process of conversing in-between, where “meaning” is organised through rhythm. The essay itself sets up this argument through a gesture of essaying, placing Flusser into conversation with a broader discourse on writing and gesture.

The Gesture (PDF 259.43 KB)

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