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Esteban Prado

Esteban Prado was born in Mar del Plata, in 1985. He is a video artist and a fiction writer. In 2012, his horror film “Lara and the dead dolls” won the first place in the “Mil Gritos” Festival. From 2007 to 2018, his research focused on the work of Héctor Libertella, with the support of UNMdP and CONICET. In 2014, his essay “Héctor Libertella, maestro de lecto-escritura”, about this experimental writer, was published and awarded. In 2017, he obtained his PhD in Literature from the UNMdP where since 2000, he has been teaching Literary Theory. In 2012, he received a scholarship to participate in a creative writing program at the “Universidad Complutense”, Madrid. There, he developed the concept for his first novel—Ana, la niña austral (Letra Sudaca, 2015). In 2018, “Ema, la partysana”, the second part of his novel, will be published. He is the founder of Puente Aéreo, an independent/alternative publisher of books, by among others, Donna Haraway, Paulo Leminski, and Carlos Ríos. In 2017, he taught a course on Vilém Flusser, Franco “Bifo” Berardi, and Byung-Chul Han and he is working to spread the work of Flusser in Argentina.

Articles of Esteban Prado

Vilém Flusser, escritor-pensador. Modos de la escritura en El universo de las imagines técnicas

This article is part of a larger investigation about three “writer-thinkers”: Giorgio Agamben (Rome, 1942), Héctor Libertella (Bahía Blanca, 1945 – Buenos Aires, 2006), and Vilém Flusser (Praga, 1920 - 1991). As a “writer-thinker” Vilém Flusser proposes that these notions are reversible, in the same way that he stated that “active” and “passive” were no longer differentiable. His essays are based upon a strong reflection on language, which is made through the process of writing. In many ways, he uses writing to think, and thinking to write. This paper further explores his use of etymology, definitions, series, as well as the nature of writing and fiction, in order to write and think.

Escritor-pensador (PDF 246.31 KB)

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