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Elisa Storelli

Elisa Storelli (1986) describes her artistic research as Chronomorphology, an exploration about the ever-changing shape of time. Since 2013 she has stud- ied both the properties and the possibilities surrounding the representation of time – “the eternal, the instant, the duration, the process, the repetition, the unicity, the flow, the freezing.”

Articles of Elisa Storelli

Temporal clusters

Temporal clusters are mind maps of Storelli’s artistic practice and used as a tool in her artistic research, chronomorphology: the study of how time develops and changes shape. One cluster is a diagram of notions. Concepts are positioned and connected in relation to one another to create a resonance between meanings. This form of diagrammatic writing is used by the artist to navigate through her thinking and to describe a possible correlation of ideas. Sometimes these associations have developed into artworks; sometimes they could become one.

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