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Claudia Giannetti

University of Évora, Portugal

Claudia Giannetti’s main points of interest are contemporary art, media art and the relation of art to technology. At the moment she is professor at the University of Évora, in Portugal, at the Facultad de Artes Visuales, and director of the doctorate in visual arts. She is also a member of the Centro de Historia del Arte e Investigación Artística (CHAIA, Portugal). She published more than 150 essays in specialized journals and catalogues, as well as several books, among them: “Estética Digital - Sintopía del arte, la ciencia y la tecnología” (Barcelona, 2002, translated in four languages and “La razón caprichosa en el siglo XXI - Los avatares de la sociedad posindustrial y mediática” (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 2006). She has received several prizes for her work as curator and writer (http://www.artmetamedia.net).

Articles of Claudia Giannetti

Vilém Flusser: Brasil y la búsqueda del sujeto-proyecto

Vilém Flusser’s intellectual and academic development took place during thirty one years he lived in Brazil. This period was especially relevant in the consolidation of his philosophical projects. This essay works on the hypothesis that Flusser’s analysis of the human condition in the post-historic, post-human, and post-modern ages, as well as the phenomenological search of what he named the new kind of human being, has its roots in this Brazilian period. One of the most read and analyzed subjects of the last European period of this author – the transformation of the subject into a project – acquires new meanings if it is considered and approached from the internal logic of the philosophical bond between these two stages or periods.

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