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Breno Onetto Munoz

Austral University at Valdivia, Chile

Breno Onetto is a doctor in Philosophy from the Ruhr-Universität of Bochum, Germany. He also has a degree in Philosophy from the University of Chile. He is Professor of Aesthetics at the Visual Arts School of the Austral University at Valdivia in Chile. He is a member of the Philosophy Study Group of Fondecyt in Santiago. Currently he is working on a project titled “Günther Anders’ Negative Anthropology” (Fondecyt # 1100694). His research lines and areas of expertise are: Contemporary Philosophy, Aesthetics and Critical Theory of Media. He has translated and published texts of Vilém Flusser in local and international magazines. At the moment he is working on translating “Medienkultur” (1997), as well as preparing an anthology of some of Flusser’ texts, many of which he constantly revises on his permanent seminar in the Philosophy and Communications Faculty of the UaCh.

Articles of Breno Onetto Munoz

Hacia una cultura crítica de la televisión – o los medios de comunicación masivos en V. Flusser y G. Anders

This paper focuses on theoretical analogies in the work of Günther Anders and Vilém Flusser. An aspect that is relevant for both writers is the growing importance of mass-media – especially radio and television – shaping more and more the cultural climate of the present era. Mass-media tend to restrict our everyday experience of reality, creating a phantom, matrix-like reality effacing and substituting the world. Unlike Günther Anders, Vilém Flusser believes in the democratic possibilities of dialogue that can turn media into a creative affair.

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