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Anthony Masure

Anthony Masure is associate professor and head of research at the Geneva University of Art and Design (HEAD – Genève, HES-SO). His research focuses on the social, political and aesthetic implications of digital technologies. He co-founded the research journals Back Office and Réel-Virtuel. He is the author of the essay “Design et humanités numériques” (2017)."

Articles of Anthony Masure

Pour un design radicalement circulaire. À propos des « Considérations écologiques » de Vilém Flusser

In his “Ecological Considerations”, an unpublished article written in French in 1984-1985, Vilém Flusser shows the limitations of a sharp opposition between nature and culture, and supports the provocative hypothesis of a naturalization of technology, which takes the form of a circular production. The notions of object and waste become the poles of a critique of consumption, which Flusser links to the development of digital programs and information theories. Examining this text, at a distance of nearly forty years, allows us to take a step back from the debates and controversies relating to the field of eco-design. It shows that a radically circular design would not change production and not even consumption, but the very definition of design.

Design circulaire (PDF 306.99 KB)

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