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Anna-Katharina Henning

University of Kassel, Germany

Anna-Katharina Henning, born in Marktheidenfeld on August 19, 1986, completed a vocational education at the Berufsfachschule für Holzbildhauerei und Schreinerei Berchtesgaden (Germany). In 2006 she received her journeyman’s certificate of wood-carving. Since 2006 she is studying to become a teacher of English and Art at the University of Kassel (Germany) and is studying fine arts in the class of Prof. Bjørn Melhus at the Kunsthochschule Kassel.

Articles of Anna-Katharina Henning

Kopfkino – nach Flusser

In this paper I reflect on pictures. Kopfkino (cinema in the head) stands for a chain of associations that arises in my mind because of a pictorial impulse. By adopting many different points of view, I can modify and broaden those chains of associations and include new pictures or change old concepts. By referring to an example for such a Kopfkino, I explore how I can actively influence my Kopfkino with the help of Flusser’s writings.

Kopfkino (PDF 131.46 KB)

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