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Agustin Berti

Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentine

Agustin Bertí holds a Licentiate degree in Modern Literature from the National University of Cordoba, Argentina. He has studied in Argentina and Brazil. He is currently completing his Ph.D. in Literature with a grant from CONICET, the Argentine National Commission of Science and Technology, on “Works and supports. History, crisis and transformations: Modifications in Aesthetics as an effect of the eruption of new technologies and reproductions in literary works.” Bertí has also finished post-graduate work in Media Arts, and he is a member of the “Aesthetics” research programme at the Centre for Advanced Studies-Executive Unit of the National University of Cordoba and CONICET (CEA-UE). His essays and articles on literature, photography, aesthetics and contemporary culture and arts have been published in the magazines La Intemperie and Árbol de Jítara, as well as in academic research journals. He is also an amateur photographer.

Articles of Agustin Berti

Kurtis’ “Vandalised“ Photographs: On the Problem of Technical Images in Post-Documentary Photography

Walter Benjamin’s “Work of art in the age of its mechanical reproduction” and Vilém Flusser’s Filosofia da caixa preta have defined photography as a key problem towards developing a philosophy of technology. I’ll discuss their concepts in relation to experimental practices in post-documentary photography which I consider a fertile ground to discuss the similarities and differences underlying different approaches to technology in Flusser and Benjamin.
To contrast Benjamin’s mechanical reproducibility and Vilém Flusser’s technical images, I would like to analyse the processes of regaining an aura by means of a subversion of the photographic technology in contemporary photography. The creative intervention on the photographic camera, the process and results involved in Argentinean photographer Seba Kurtis’ images of contemporary migrants offer an interesting case to discuss these problems.

Kurtis’ Photographs (PDF 505.59 KB)

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